Lydden Hill, Round Three and Some Great News

After the hectic preparations for the first two rounds, the team felt a lot more prepared for the third round. The mid week test at Teesside Autodrome helped nail down brake balance settings, plus the niggling faults were eradicated. So after a thoroughly wet drive down to Kent, the circuit was bathed in clear skies […]

First Official Photos Of The New Car

Last week’s short test to identify some bugs gave us lots of feedback, plus the first chance to actually photograph the car in a controlled environment. Octane Factory’s Neill Watson shot a short sequence of images in between our runs and we plan more at our next test day soon. Meanwhile, there shots give you […]

The New Car Shakedown Continues

Shaking all of the bugs from a brand new racing car design is always a time consuming and difficult process. As ever, there’s never enough time before the first event date looms, so inevitably must teams at whatever level are still chasing down small details en-route to the event. SB Racing are no different, but […]

It’s Nearly Time

Just before Christmas, the engine instal was finally complete and the rebuild unit ran for the first time in it’s new chassis. Here’s a few grabbed pictures and video of the car running on Automarks’s rolling road as we set basic parameters in the mapping and made sure that everything was leak free and up […]

In With The Engine…

Building a modern racing car from scratch is more than a little like building a house. To the casual bystander, long periods of time pass by with apparently very little happening. Just like house construction, there are in fact a lot of sub assemblies being prepared and components being created in readiness for final assembly. […]

It’s More Than Just a Steering Wheel

Anyone taking a passing glance at at TV screen when Formula One is playing will be aware that F1 car steering wheel bear little resemblance to road car wheels. In the tight confines of an F1 car cockpit, the best place to present the driver with information is on the steering wheel itself. If you’ve […]

Weight Is The Enemy

hillclimb car build pedal box

Any hill climb car build is a time consuming process if being done from scratch. As we incorporate more of the lessons learned from our previous car’s design and work through our ‘wish list’ for the fresh design, John Hansell’s attention to detail and weight saving while building strength continues to be the guiding principle […]

The Tub

Following on from yesterday’s post, here’s the first of the articles that will begin to tell everyone what we’ve been working towards this past 18 months. We’ll start with probably the most important and without doubt the largest component, the tub. The goal was to hopefully save a little weight, but primarily to improve torsional […]

Laying Foundations

When our old car was heavily damaged in 2012, we were already sketching out ideas for it’s replacement. These ideas were yet to form onto anything in CadCam software you understand, it was more of a discssion amogst the team that we’d reached the limit of where we could go with developments. it had been […]

Big Update Time

First off, very sorry for the tumbleweed that began blowing through the website this past few months. With a great deal of testing, design and construction of the new car happening, we’ve had little time to update the website. However, John Hansell at Fiber Lite has been hard at work, so here’s an update on […]