The New Car Shakedown Continues

Shaking all of the bugs from a brand new racing car design is always a time consuming and difficult process. As ever, there’s never enough time before the first event date looms, so inevitably must teams at whatever level are still chasing down small details en-route to the event.

SB Racing are no different, but like most competitors in the British Sprint Championship, they all have to run their regular businesses in addition to building and running the racing car. The first two events of the season therefore were frustrated by small details not quite working as they should have. It’s only when subjected to the stress of a competitive run that the car starts to work properly and that’s the point at which any bugs become apparent.

A subsequent test session at Teesside Autodrome gave the team time away from the paddock to work out some of the bugs that had proved elusive. Simon reports that the car feels absolutely superb and simply needs more seat time to become confident to push to his maximum. The test involved tracking down turbo oil feed issues, plus working up to a brake balance that Simon was happy with. Armed with the information from this test, we’re all a lot more confident that the next test will allow some useful timing and chassis data to be acquired and as Simon becomes more confident, the fine tuning of the new chassis can begin.