SB Racing is the home of Simon Bainbridge, Formula Libre British Sprint Champion 2008, 2009, 2010. In 2011, his distinctive yellow Audi TT silhouette sprint and hillclimb car was heavily damaged in a high speed accident. Rather than repair, the team embarked upon the journey of creating a brand new car from scratch, using only the engine and gearbox from the old racer. It has been a painful road and the team have meny people to thank, but the new car will be testing later this year and if successful, will be competing before the season end.

The Car

Probably the most distinctive car competing in British Sprint and Hillblimb over the last four years, the car was built from scratch by Simon and his team of friends and colleagues. The new design carries over many of the lessons learned from five years of competition. You can read more about the old car and how it was built here. The new car is in build, so our blog will be carrying information as we progress.